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Valdor Tank Hunter vs Sicarian Venator  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Roarin' Runtherd

I'm honestly curious as too which one is better, mostly because they both mount the same cannon but the Valdor is significantly more expensive and has worse BS.

The cheapest loadout for the Sicarian is 200 points, while the Valdor is 315.

They both have a Neutron laser Destroyer, while the Valdor carries an Autocannon or heavy bolter to the 2 heavy bolters of the Sicarian.

The Valdor's benefit is a higher T 8 vs 7, and more wounds but the Venator has a 2+ save compared to the Valdor's 3+.

I know they're forgeworld products but it seems unfitting that the IG Tank is that much worse than the Space Marine one.
Made in au
Been Around the Block

The Valdor didn't transition into 9th well. They half-assed it unfortunately. It's basically a LoW in a Heavy Support slot, still with a LoW points cost.

Ideally they should have matched its statline to the regular Malcadors. Kept the weapon profile. Then dropped it to around 260 points. Which may have actually made it somewhat viable. For its current price tag, it actually makes the Macharius Vanquisher look like a competitive option for 5 points more. Which it isn't, but that's what the comparison does.

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