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Made in us
Nasty Nob on Warbike with Klaw

St. Louis, MO

Thanks for looking.

I'm mainly looking to buy. It's just easier for me right now, as I do NOT have time to catalog my stuff.

That said, if you WANT trade, let me know what you're looking for and I'll see if I have something for you. About 99% of my trade items are 40k, with just a little (probably OOP) Warmahordes and some GW & RPG related Fantasy. I have everything from NIB to OOP Metals for 40k, including some semi-desirable stuff (Blood Angels and GSC). You should NOT expect me to have a ton of available stuff.

I also have an extra VERY WELL painted Razorwing Jetfighter that I'd trade for an equally well painted Voidraven Bomber, or to go towards the items below. Pics on request (after I see pics of yours - I don't have pics of them right now and don't want to deal with it for items I'm not interested in). The Jetfighter IS NOT FOR SALE OR TRADE FOR ANY OTHER ITEMS.

I have a bunch of painted CSM and a smallish (mostly old sculpts) T-Sons army (1500 to 2000 points) that I'd trade towards this, as well. I will catalog and take pics as needed with the same condition as above.

I'm NOT looking for commission work. I want stuff you have on hand and can box up & ship. I'm trying to round out my already large army.

That said...
I'm only really looking for these models. Paint quality is important, and I'll expect GOOD pics via PM or a link to online images.

Mandrakes - (up to 25 for the right price)
Sslyth - 3
Wyches - 20 to 30 - special weapons are important. I will accept AoS Witch Aelves if they look good.
Drazhar - This is the only unpainted Named Character I don't have.
Incubi - Maybe 15 or so
Venoms - 3 or 4, but the price REALLY has to be good
Wracks - Maybe up to 20 or 30
Reaver Jetbikes - 6
Hellions - Up to 15
Razorwing Flocks - I don't have any, and don't expect to ever use them. But I'd pick up a few bases for the right price, just to have around.

If you have painted items that you want to get rid of as part of a lot that includes the items above, I'll consider grabbing them all to get what I need:
--- Painted is required on those extras, and they need to all be high quality paint. No unpainted or partially painted will be considered.
--- MOST of the models I'm picking up need to be on my list above, as opposed to just a little from my list and a bunch that I don't need.
--- The price REALLY has to be tempting. I'm not looking to spend a boatload of money for a bunch of stuff I'm not looking for.

Please, reply via PM. I don't typically look in my ad for replies. My online time is sporadic. It might take a couple days for a reply.

Thanks again for looking, if you made it this far!


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