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Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

I had a great game versus IF last night using a monolith variant list. I squeaked out an 82 to 79 point win.

I wanted to talk a little about the decisions and mistakes made. So this is not so much a battle report and more an exploration of thought processes.

Chapter Master on Bike, Hypnoth
Chief Apothecary
Jump Libby

2x5 Infiltrators
1x5 Intercessors
10 Terminators
Contemptor, 2x Volkite
2x3 MM Attack Bikes


Immovable Phalanx, Paranoid
Overlord, Void, Orb
Technomancer, Abalator ( grants cover, totally useless this game )
Chronomaner, Veil

20 Warriors
2x6 Immortals
Hexmark, Relic pistol
Transcendant, Tyrant, Meteor, Arrow
2 Lokhust HDs

Monolith, 4x Death Ray


When I won the roll for Attack/Defender I opted to attack so that he would pick and deploy first. This was important as I needed to know where those terminators would be going. I had already opted to deepstrike the Monolith so he would be forced to split his bikes ( and likely would due to terrain ). My goal was to avoid placing my warriors until the very last moment. I wanted them to be far from the terminators. I also wanted to create a refused flank.

I made this more possible by placing the Chrono w/ Veil, Immortals, and C'Tan to the left, LHDs in the middle, and everything else to the right. This basically gave me the option to almost entirely abandon the left flank. The C'Tan would also help to draw his attention as he was both a formidable opponent as well as worth 5 points through WWSWF ( the others being the Monolith and Warriors ).

I also placed the Doomscythe to the left, because that terrain was opaque and tall enough to block vision.

The Mistake

The image below is after my turn 2.

#1 references one of my bigger mistakes. I had a Doomscythe and I got to go first. I hate going first, really. Ultimately my goal was to get the Doomscythe to trade out for something threatening. I figured I should be able to manage to kill 3 ABs if I commit to a reroll and the auto-wound strat. I did kill two - great - then they got resurrected - not great. In hindsight I should have seen this coming. Ultimately the dreadnought proved to be a larger pain to my warriors and not targeting it could have cost me the win - it certainly narrowed my win.

Aside : Why did I choose a Doomscythe? Lots of people think it's bad. For 200 points it isn't very durable. As I reviewed the list I felt like I lacked long range anti-tank. Necrons have few options for this. I had considered a pair of Doomstalkers and a Spyder that would walk in and out of cover and shelter for repairs, but I really didn't like the reduced range and damage that brought (similar problem with DDA). LHDs are 210 for 3 shots, which the DS has plus mobility and a Destructor and the same number of wounds.

#2 I dropped the monolith in as far right as I could go and still navigate the table. It easily wiped the attack bikes that had come into view ( to kill the Doomscythe ). To further support my mistake in #1 the Monolith never took a hit from multi-meltas the entire game.

#3 this my left flank. Even after he has moved I have not exposed my C'Tan or LHDs. I needed to be judicious about their use. I also needed to draw him in further to prevent any last minute rally to the right flank.


If I Don't Move He Won't See Me

By this point the C'Tan was all by himself. The LHDs made a hail mary to tackle the dreadnought ( and nearly did ), but it was too little too late to deal with that nightmare. I threw them into melee in an effort to slow him down. It would be very tempting to move the C'Tan aggressively, but it still seemed to be the wrong time. He would easily die and lose me 5 WWSWF points.

By turn 4 it was time for him to make a move ( sorry no cap - it was very late ). The terminators were on the objective and I need them gone to keep his primary from +10. I would eventually pickup all the terminators by the end of the game, but through some bad rolls on powers not fast enough. The scoring at the end of the turn for the player who goes second proved to be a huge advantage for him to claw back his deficit.

Had I killed the Contemptor and worried less about protecting the Monolith ( who was perfectly safe ) I could have kept a stronger Warrior horde to pressure the objective and keep him from regaining primary points. The single early game mistake cascaded through the whole game.


TLDR; Sometimes the best play is to not fight.

Also don't be afraid to run away.

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