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Made in us
Whiteshield Conscript Trooper

Hello all, im trying to spice up my guard army with some added flair to my conscripts.
I plan on using the laspistol and chainsword that comes with the infantry squad box to make roman style triarii like arcolytes/guardsmen however im missing the one thing i need inorder to make it work.
Arms that are holding pikes,lances,or pole arms similar to but not exactly to the nature of custodes.
I dont have any pictures or referance material other than whats in my head at this time.
Im not the best greenstuff sculpter however i think i can make due with using styrene and GS to make the weapon, now i just need an arm that is holding a lance or pole like item to facilitate the conversion.
I already checked out men at arms and the poses arent what im looking for as i dont want all of them in a charging pose but rather, at ease similar to how the uruk-hai held their pike in the two towers
Any ideas?

edit: i found dreadspear elfs from the fantasy range to be the approximate pose however im still looking

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Made in no
Huge Bone Giant


Find a GSC player. They have plenty of pole/flag holding arms to spare. All hail the four armed emperor.

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