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Sorry if this seems like a dumb question. My excuse is that Covid had left me high and dry on 9th and my main factions for the last 15 years have been Guard and Orks

I was looking to start a BA army but noticed that their Codex it marked as a supplement. Does this mean I need the vanilla SM Codex and the BA supplement just to play the army?


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The Marine codex has all the generic units and basic chapter rules available to all the Subfactions, the BA supplement has chapter-specific units/relics/stratagems. It's not required to have both to play BA but if you're using anything chapter-specific you will need both.
For example, if you bought the BA Combat Patrol you would only need the SM codex to use its contents. If you wanted to add a unit of Death Company or use the BA psychic powers you would then need to get the BA supplement.

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Yes, you need the SM codex plus the BA supplement.
In former editions, BA had a stand-alone codex but these days are gone.

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 wuestenfux wrote:
Yes, you need the SM codex plus the BA supplement.
In former editions, BA had a stand-alone codex but these days are gone.

Originally BA had to share a codex with the DA, I think it was called Angels of Death back in second. They were also just a supplement booklet to the main SM codex in 3rd or 4th edition.

Really they have just gone back to how they used to be with the other 5 first foundings also getting a bit of extra love (to be honest up until 8th it was Codex Ultramarines in all but name like it was back in Second)
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