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So this came up in my first game against the new Death Guard book over the weekend, with me and my opponent having different readings of the 'Cloud of Flies' (CoF) stratagem.

His interpretation is:

If the unit is not the closest
within 12"
then they can't be targeted

My interpretation is:

If the unit is not
the closest
within 12"
then they can't be targeted.

I don't know if I've made myself very clear above, its difficult to word the issue, but easier if I give an example.

Essentially he argues that CoF prevents units within 12" from shooting his DG unit, while I argue that units within 12" are able to target as normal. There's no FAQ addressing the stratagem, and its seems to be entirely down to poor wording of the stratagem itself. So which is correct?
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Your interpretation is correct.

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The second one is correct. The point is that the cloud of flies makes it more difficult to aim at them. If they are at close range or if they are the only obvious target then this benefit is lost.

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Echoing the other two. The first reading may be a technically possible reading, but the second one is a fully accurate reading and doesn't break anything.

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Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks very much for the help all!
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Not sure how your friend comes to that conclusion, as it would beg the next question:
Can his Unit be targeted for shooting if they are not within 12 inches?

Almost like he is treating that Or as if it was an And.

I will say it is poorly written though - reeks of double negatives.

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