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Longtime Dakkanaut

I've embarked on my first "big" terrain project. I'll be turning a friend's doll house into a ruined imperial cathedral. The doll house features some snazzy gothic arches that are just begging for some stained glass murals. Any tips on how to get the "transparent" effect on the murals?

My plan was to create the graphics in photoshop, use filters or crumple the paper to get the segmented look of the glass, and then maybe cut jagged edges on the paper to give a broken glass effect. I'd probably glue the same (well, mirrored) image to the back of the first piece of paper so that the image shows up on both sides of the cathedral wall.

I was also thinking of using transparent folder plastic that I've used in other projects to make the broken glass. I figure I can intentionally make the edges of the graphics a shade close enough to the transparent plastic I have to sell the impression that they are/were part of the same glass window at some point.

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Speed Drybrushing


Print on transparent projector sheets.

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Terminator with Assault Cannon

San Jose, CA

 DV8 wrote:
Print on transparent projector sheets.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Central California

I have done these as well, by printing on transparent sheets. Do a little research. They come in two styles depending on your printer type. Here's a video of my results (not my gothic church but it shows the results). They can be found here, both unlighted and lit up.

I have a church built as well but never took pics. Might fix that soon.

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Newcastle, OZ

The inkjet ones are slightly frosted, so as to better hold onto the ink - and you may also need to varnish them to keep the ink on them - also as the ink from an inkjet never properly dries (and it will run if they get wet)

The laser ones fuse the coloured toner to the acetate, and while they can scratch off, they are more or less waterproof.

I've used my laserprinter and laser OHP sheets to do "holos" for my infinity stuff.

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This is mine.
[Thumb - BA1FF92B-4F47-416E-945D-A79F52AA5B17.jpeg]

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Terminator with Assault Cannon

San Jose, CA

Ooh, that looks good
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