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Made in nl
Been Around the Block

*New photos below, more incoming*

My Sisters of Battle army with Knight and Greyfax for support. The photos didn't turn out so great unfortunately, but you get the idea. I'll make new ones when I get the opportunity to do so.

And an older picture of the Knight:

Still got a lot of Sisters to paint and will get even more to do with the next wave of releases. First things on the list are the Triumph, Mortifiers, Arco-Flagellants and an Exorcist.

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Lovely looking army.

The Knight and Celestine are awesome!
Made in us
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Well done. Love the theme you have going there.

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Made in nl
Been Around the Block

Thanks guys for the nice words! I'm going to try to make better photos this weekend. Should have more time to make sure the photos are actually focused and the poses are showing what I want to show.
Made in nl
Been Around the Block

I'm testing out some editing methods to actually not lose any details. Found a rather time consuming method but I think it will do for now. First a better photo of Celestine. Newer photos to follow soon.

Photos of the new Seraphim. Beautiful models, but the most horrible things I've ever painted. Took me 5 months to complete these girls... I'll be getting an air brush before starting on my 10 Zephyrim.

And finally the Imagifier, one of the fancy Superiors and a cherub

Better shots for the rest of the army will also come in due time. Currently working on Mortifiers and I'll also be prioritizing the new Celestians.

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