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Monster-Slaying Daemonhunter

Trying to pick a new audio-book, and I was thinking gate of bones, but it's book two in a series, so I looked at book 1, which is Avenging Son. The reviews for Gate of bones are great, the reviews for book 1 are trash. Is it really that bad? Can I understand book 2 without doing book 1?

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Decrepit Dakkanaut


A quick glance and Amazon UK, Audible and Good Reads all show generally 4-5 star reviews from the majority for Avenging Son. So it sounds like a good few people enjoyed it - a few have niggles or issues that they aren't as happy with, but honestly you'll find it rare that any book or audiobook is reviewed at a full 5 stars by everyone.

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Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

United Kingdom

I know they re-recorded a bunch of audiobooks, but I can't remember if Avenging Son was one of them.
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Fresh-Faced New User

I can't comment on the quality of the audio recording, but I read the book.
It was an interesting read, not the best 40k book out there but I already used some content for a small campaign. I really liked the insights into imperial bureaucracy.
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Lead-Footed Trukkboy Driver

Didn't hear the audio book. I thought book one was better than book two. Then again, I read it before the rewrite, so I can't say. Both are average quality 40k books, in my humble opinion.

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Excited Doom Diver

The re-recorded version is really good, the original voice actor was awful. It's good to get now, the reviews were probably all based on the original voice actor.

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