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Torture Victim in the Bowels of the Rock

Hey guys, I’m currently in the process of converting a toy truck for use in 40K as either civilian or IG. A few of its parts are painted with that smooth “chrome” paint, which I’m thinking will probably not take primer very well, so I’m trying to strip it to expose the bare black plastic underneath. Unfortunately, my go-to paint stripper, 91% isopropyl alcohol, isn’t doing so great a job so far. So I’m hoping maybe someone has experience stripping this kind of paint and can recommend an alternative? Obviously plastic-safeness is a top concern. I’m thinking about Superclean next, but I’d love to build on first-hand experience if possible.
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Are you sure it’s paint and not some sort of film or coating?
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Torture Victim in the Bowels of the Rock

I’m not sure how I’d distinguish between a paint and a coating, unless you mean like a powder coat or the like, it’s definitely not anything like that. Definitely not film either, I’m getting it off, just not as thoroughly or quickly as usual.

I don’t know how much exposure you have to plastic kids’ toys but I’ve seen a lot of it on those (in the US anyway), this is the first time I’ve tried to strip it though.
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Might have to go the old fashioned way and use a fine sandpaper to rough it up just a tiny bit. When I say fine, I mean fine enough to not gouge it but enough to still put micro cuts on the surface so it will take primer. Only reason I wouldn't bother stripping it is that it's likely to be a film if it's not reacting to alcohol. Of course, you could find out by trying white spirits which will strip any non-acrylic out there. But don't soak it... plastic and white spirits are fine when used in short periods but soaking over night will melt your model.

Good luck.

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Newcastle, OZ

It's likely to be vacuum-metallised.
It's done a lot for toys.

Best you can probably get is like Freya says and deshine it with some fine grit sandpaper (what they call the "finishing" grades - higher numbers, like 400 or finer).

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Superclean is the best.
I tried a lot of different 'solutions' attempting to remove spraypaint--rustoleum 2in1 with a layer of liquitex on top. SC melted the paint off with no issues to the plastic underneath. Alcohol, WD-40, Silicone Lubricant, etc. all did some damage to the underlying plastic (I had a some random stuff on hand).

Since you're talking about that chrome film on toys that goes on white or black plastic, it should do the trick to that as well. I found a video "How to Remove Chrome from Plastic in Minutes" that seems to be the issue that you have. He's also using SuperClean in the video, though you may or may not have to soak the item for an hour/day and maybe have to toothbrush the corners.
Don't get SuperClean on your skin, it's not pleasant.

Plan B: depending on the size of the item and the countours, you can rough it up with some 1000 grit paper or one of those dremel polishing bits (the hairy one, not the wire or cloth buffer) or just use some spray paint that is good for plastic priming.
Presumably it's not impossible to prime, like some weird resin (Tamiya or some enamel paint for that).
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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Los Angeles, CA, USA

If it’s the same chrome they use on Hot Wheels, a Qtip soaked in bleach will take it right off.
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