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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

hello, Charlie from China here , we have a relatively small community here but we are nonetheless very active.

I recently brought a WWII APC from the Chinese ebay equivalent (xianyu) for 19 yuan which is about 3 quid. But when i got the thing i realised it was 1:72 and was too small.
I thought: what the hell, let's make it something else.

So, i cut it in half and start to play with it, then i thought this look like a trukk, and i start to work towards it.

i'm only half way through brainstorming, but it's looking like "going the right direction".

What do you think? Please give suggestions. Thanks.

update 6.4
I used some leftover bits and joined the body with my orky wheels, then cut up some cardboard to make a bulldozer front ... thing sample ( i have no idea what it's called, English not that good). Then i just started to add small piece of plastic cards (2mm) here and there. I tried to attach the trukk pole bits thingy but it didn't fit well. Then i thought, hey, ork shouldn't care about that, hence the makeshift looking joints at the back.(held together by orkish belief

update 6.9
made the front plate and about to attach it tonight.
ipdate 6.10
attached the front,made a small crowsnest for the gunner,and magnetized it on top of da cap n add more makeshift window and teef for sum propa orky look,and ere‘s the 90% finished shinny,givit more dakka n wez gonna be propa killy alright.

update 6.17
paint the whole thing,badly. But i could be happy how it turned out.
[Thumb - e035be3b44e537be7fb17b9ac759173.jpg]

[Thumb - 0ed3a9c070a64ce306f5e1c8d4cb67a.jpg]

[Thumb - dadbdb11c7b619d9025a1a9e8b0100d.jpg]

[Thumb - 7ae938fb744d28e552c19f5ae21dce2.jpg]

[Thumb - YG3}BD@B8@({WUM7[{3MNPF.jpg]

[Thumb - 7d7a1939fb692ac2e2f49265584eac9.jpg]

[Thumb - d0c35d33373910954c066bb1142dfca.jpg]

[Thumb - BCB465AB-E734-4776-BA53-DF1C7549778B.jpeg]

[Thumb - 2360ead144b603f3730ba9d802f03b6.jpg]

[Thumb - 251588cb2c5912e85313bc0b4afeec6.jpg]

[Thumb - cda923917b129e59b8335c456744bc5.jpg]

[Thumb - fd4fdb30304a859782062245938bd4f.jpg]

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Made in gb
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Scotland, but nowhere near my rulebook

Cab and tracks are looking great, looking forward to seeing what you do for the flatbed.
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Miami, Florida

It fits the waagh! mentality. Make do with what you have and ork ingenuity it.

Made in cn
Fresh-Faced New User

I feel like i still need a shooting platform(with lots of teef) for a ork with a big shoota. Haven't decided whether the gunner should be half way in the trukk, or just stand on the top.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

The front cab seems like you have lots of space to add a Rhino-style hatch with a big shoota.

Looks great so far; it's impressive how well cutting and moving one chunk of the model gave it a very recognizable trukk appearance.
Made in us
Preacher of the Emperor

Denver, CO, USA

I think it looks great... excellent design with the repositioned front end and the offset tracks. You've already got the key element, which is lots and lots of bits of card glued everywhere. Maybe you could add some orky glyphs? You can print or sketch an example on paper, etch through the paper onto card, and cut it freehand with a blade. Also, mix up some green stuff and roll it into tiny snakes, then shape it with a tool to make welded joins between panels. If you have any window screen or something like it, some mesh panels would break up the surface and give you something to drybrush. Looks awesome!

Made in us
Krazy Grot Kutta Driva

It looks great! Just add some glyphs on the side and plop a big gun on top with crew and your good to go.

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