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Greetings all! I am assembling DG and Nurgle/Slaanesh CSMs, and I want to deck them out with extra combat blades, bayonets (or chainblade bayonets!), grenades, gun pouches etc.

I know Bitzbox and that other company with the similar name that I can't remember now offer most of this stuff, but does anyone know where I can get ablative armour plates for my Chaos Marines? As in, extra armour plates to go over their leg, arm and torso armour?

Oh and an unrelated tip, anyone getting into AoS should check out Kings of War by Mantic games. The army deals are so ridiculous you will save absolutely hundreds buying them instead of Games Workshop's models. Also, Chaos Dwarfs are a thing.

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Any local guard player probably has extra belt frag grenades, pouches, knives bits
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