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Made in us
Armored Iron Breaker

So I bought a sprue of Halflings from WGA to make mercenary slingers, ala Balearic slingers. Yet, you can't make 5x slingers from one sprue. So I decided to ask how one would go about making green stuff slings to hang on belts and the like.

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Fernys Hjolda!
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Option 1: Grab some waxed baking paper and a rolling pin or something hard and flat to squish the green stuff flat.

Put a small sausage of green stuff between two pieces of the waxed paper, and roll or squash it down to an appropriate thickness.

Peel back the first layer of paper, and use a sharp blade dipped in water to cut the flattened green stuff into a long, thin rectangle.

Using the knife blade or tweezers, tease up half of the rectangle strip off the paper and fold it over the other half.

Tease the whole thing up off the paper with the knife or tweezers and push it gently into place on the model's belt, flattening it down a little if appropriate to hang properly.

Option 2: roll out a thin sausage of green stuff. Push it into place on the model, with one end at the belt and the other end hanging downward along the leg.

Use a sculpting tool to flatten it out, and add a crease down the sides with a knife blade or tool.

Press the top inwards against the model's waist to look like it is tucked in over the top of the belt.

Made in us
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Central California

Insaniak is the man and his advice here is spot on. I will just say I don't need the wax paper. A little chapstick on a smooth surface, then the cap of the chapstick to flatten it works for me although not really any amount of time savings, maybe just a simpler material to get.

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