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Fresh-Faced New User

So I've found some nicely priced containers that would fit my Guard army for magnetization on A4 magnetic sheets, and I need some advice on the sizes of the neodymium magnets I would need for 4 separate base sizes. I would need the magnet sizes for the following:

25mm (Infantry)
40mm (Cavalry)
50mm (Heavy Weapons Teams)

And I think this oval size is 60x35mm? This is the base I have for the flamer team:

I have heard putting two 5x1mm magnets on the 25mm bases, but I'm not sure whats needed about the other 3 base sizes.
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Deranged Necron Destroyer

3mm x 1mm tends to be enough for 25mm models, just make sure it's flush with the bottom of the base.

The height of the model also tends to affect it (lever action), for a regular model a 5mm x 1mm should be fine on a 40mm, but for taller things I usually use a 2mm thickness or an extra magnet on the other side.
50mm HWT's should probably be good with a 5mm x 1mm and a 3mm x 1mm on the other side.
60x35 I'd probably do a 5x1 on each end.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Central California

Just seconding the above post. Also seconding make sure they are flush. the writing under some bases GW puts can raise a magnet just enough to cause an issue.

Keeping the hobby side alive!

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Fresh-Faced New User

I'll follow these guidelines then thanks
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Deranged Necron Destroyer

Not sure if this came across in my previous post, but just to make sure:
Magnets have to be flush with the surface they're supposed to adhere to. Just glueing them to the plastic on most bases will not work, since you have a gap between the bottom of the magnet and the steel sheet.

You either need some sort of spacer, or my preferred method a modeling putty (greenstuff, milliput). Wet a section of your work surface, make a little ball of putty, put the putty in the base (preferably under a point where the miniature attaches), put the magnet on the putty, and then push the base against the table to get a perfectly flush magnet.
The greenstuff will lose its hold to the plastic, and to the magnet. A drop of superglue works fine to fix this, but it's annoying to have to go back and do that. A drop on the base where you will stick the putty generally works, but if you put glue on the putty/magnet joint you'll make a mess on your table. I usually go back with a thin superglue and brush it onto the magnet joint, but that's not an optimal solution yet.

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