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Defence line and charging over it with 32mm base units.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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So defence line, the terrain trait, enables units to be eligible to fight at distance of 2" if the terrain with defence line trait - in this case lets say a 1" wide pipe - is between models.
More than that it enables units to be charged - if behind the pipe and within 1", and the unit charging has a model touching the pipe on the other side at the end of charge.

Now, I see how that would work as intended for units with 25mm bases(which is just under an inch). They can charge the unit if within 1" by engaging it on the other side of the pipe, BUT if the enemy unit is 1.1" way from it, it can be charged OVER the pipe, with charging models filling that 1.1" gap between the pipe and the models of the charged unit.
But many units(such as Ork Boyz) are seemingly having their 25mm bases replaced with 32mm(you get these in the box).
So lets say Necron warrior shooty unit is filling their whole side of the pipe, but staying 1.1" away from it.

Is it intended that 32mm base Ork Choppa Boyz cannot charge them, and cannot fight them (like 25mm base choppas easily could), since 32mm base does not fit in the gap between the pipe and the Necrons, and they are more than 2" away from any unit that is on the side of the pipe? It seems very weird to me, and makes a load of difference in some terrain examples whether you should have Orks based on 25mm or 32mm.
IMO it should be changed from 1" to 1.5" charge eligibility, and 2" to 2.5" unit fighting eligibility.

If its meant to be as it is though, then its really important how you make the terrain before game so that shooty units can't exploit this too much. (we had one situation where Necron Warriors just laughed behind the pipe and Orks couldn't get to them ).

Or just base all the ork boyz on 25mm, as it is still supposedly allowed, and have the whole game play out completely differently.

Whats your opinion guys? Should 32mm horde units feel like 40mm+ bulky units in this aspect?
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Horrific Hive Tyrant

If you can't fit the base and you're more than 1" from the pipe then you can't fight. That's clear cut. So yes, it may well make a big difference, as in many other circumstances, whether you're on 25s or 32s.

Note that the official game rules have no explicit rules about what base size to use, so its entirely up to how your gaming group or tournament organiser rules it. Many tournaments, including official GW ones, say you can use any base size that has ever been sold for that unit. So 25s would be perfectly legal if that is the case.

How you choose to base your models is up to you, and whether they are legal for a given game is up to the arbitrators of that game.
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This doesn’t seem to be a rules question, but a proposal for a new rule and should be in the Proposed Rules forum.
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