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So.. it says that if you cant physically fit a unit within that 6 inch from the table edge zone, you must deploy within your own edge instead.

That edge, would that be the very edge at the back of your deployment zone? And there you cant shoot and such. Or is it just within your own deployment zone which could still be, maybe 12 inches up the board within 6 inches of the deployment edge?

Im trying to figure out how to put a gargantuan squiggoth in to reserve, but obviously its too large to fit in to the small 6 inch area im normally meant to fit in to. Also what about characters like Magnus? His base can fit, but im really unsure if his wing span makes him able to fit in to that tight spot as well if his wings arent allowed to spill out of the 6" zone.

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Pretty much already answered in this thread here...


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