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Made in gb
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Bit the bullet and did this big boy. Lore here. As you'll see, I focused strongly on its "command vehicle" and "personally pimped ride" aspects, to try and distinguish it more strongly from the other AdMech pseudo-Land Raider on the 30k-40k market, the Triaros Conveyor.

Macrocarid Explorator (HQ, Power Rating 14)
1 Macrocarid Explorator (9+ wounds remaining): M 10"; WS 4+; BS 3+; S 8; T 8; W 16; A 6; Ld 9; Sv 2+
1 Macrocarid Explorator (5-8 wounds remaining): M 6"; WS 5+; BS 4+; S 8; T 8; W N/A; A 2D3; Ld 9; Sv 2+
1 Macrocarid Explorator (1-4 wounds remaining): M 3"; WS 6+; BS 5+; S 8; T 8; W N/A; A D3; Ld 9; Sv 2+
A Macrocarid Explorator is equipped with: mauler bolt cannon; 2 cognis lascannons.

  • Cognis lascannon: Range 48”; Type Assault 1; Strength 9; AP -3; Damage D3+3; Abilities: -
  • Grav-imploder: Range 18”; Type Heavy D3; Strength 5; AP -3; Damage D3; Abilities: Blast. Each time an attack made with this weapon is allocated to a model with a Save characteristic of 3+ or better, that attack has a Damage characteristic of 4.
  • Mauler bolt cannon: Range 24”; Type Heavy 3; Strength 6; AP -2; Damage 2; Abilities: -
  • Rad engine: Range 18”; Type Heavy D6+3; Strength 3; AP 0; Damage 3; Abilities: Each time an attack is made with this weapon, that attack automatically hits the target. Each time an attack is made with this weapon against a unit (excluding VEHICLE or TITANIC units), an unmodified wound roll of 2+ is always successful.

  • Wargear Options
  • This model’s mauler bolt cannon can be replaced with 1 grav-imploder.
  • This model’s cognis lascannons can be replaced with 2 rad engines.

  • Abilities
  • Canticles of the Omnissiah: See Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus, pg 84-85.
  • Blessed Autosimulacra: At the start of your Command phase, this model regains 1 wound. In addition, each time a <FORGE WORLD> TECH-PRIEST uses the Master of Machines ability to repair this model, it regains 1 additional wound.
  • Explodes: When this transport is destroyed, roll one D6 before any embarked models disembark and before removing it from play. On a 6 it explodes, and each unit within 6" suffers D6 mortal wounds.
  • Explorator Augury Web: In your Command phase, you can select one point on the battlefield. Place an augur marker on that point, and remove it at the start of your next Command phase. An augur marker is considered to be a model from your army for the purposes of holding objectives and setting up Reinforcements.
  • Remote servo-rig: In your Command phase, select one <FORGE WORLD> TECH-PRIEST unit embarked within this TRANSPORT. Until the start of your next Command phase, that unit can still use its aura abilities and any abilities that target a friendly unit within a specific range; when doing so, make any measurements from this TRANSPORT model’s hull, or from an augur marker it placed this battle round.

  • Transport
    This model has a transport capacity of 12 <FORGE WORLD> INFANTRY or BIKER models. Each JUMP PACK or MYRMIDON model takes up the space of 2 models, and each BIKER model takes up the space of 3 models.


  • Points Costs
  • Macrocarid Explorator: 255 points

  • Grav-imploder: 10 points
  • Rad engine: 5 points

  • Explorator Eccentricities
    The Macrocarid Explorator is a classification so broad as to be almost meaningless, used by Imperial forces as a shorthand for any transport belonging to a tech-priest with sufficient means to scour the galaxy for archeotech treasures. Such chariots of inquiry often accrue a mystery or two of their own, as their masters incorporate a dizzying array of salvaged or experimental technologies into their personal vehicle.

    If your army is Battle-forged and includes any ADEPTUS MECHANICUS Detachments (excluding Auxiliary Support, Super-heavy Auxiliary or Fortification Network Detachments), then when you muster your army, for each ADEPTUS MECHANICUS TECH-PRIEST unit in your army, you can customise one MACROCARID EXPLORATOR unit in your army.

    When you customise a MACROCARID EXPLORATOR unit, its Power Rating is increased by 1. If you are playing a matched play game, or a game that uses a points limit, then the points value of that unit is also increased by 20 points. Make a note on your army roster when you customise a MACROCARID EXPLORATOR. Each MACROCARID EXPLORATOR unit in your army can only be customised once.

    Before the battle, during the Declare Reserves and Transports step of your mission, roll two D6s for each customised MACROCARID EXPLORATOR in your army (if you are playing a mission without this step, do so before deployment instead). For each model, choose one result and consult the table below to see which type of customisation has been performed.
  • 1. Custom Weapon: Apply your other D6 roll to the Power Sources table (Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus, pg. 79); this model's mauler bolt cannon or graviton imploder gains the Weapon Ability for that Power Source.
  • 2. Custom Projector: Apply your other D6 roll to the Power Sources table (Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus, pg. 79); this model gains the Force Field Ability for that Power Source.
  • 3. Custom Systems: Apply your other D6 roll to the Power Sources table (Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus, pg. 79); this model gains the Techno-Arcana Effect for that Power Source (this techno-arcana is always active).
  • 4. Custom Armoury: Apply your other D6 roll to the Weapon Parts table (Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus, pg. 80); this model gains that weapon in addition to its other weapons, and can shoot with it once per Shooting phase.
  • 5. Custom Defenses: Apply your other D6 roll to the Force Field Parts table (Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus, pg. 80); this model gains that ability.
  • 6. Custom Cortex (Aura): Apply your other D6 roll to the Techno-Arcana Parts table (Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus, pg. 81); while a friendly <FORGE WORLD> unit is within 6" of this model or an augur marker it placed this battle round, that unit counts the Canticle associated with that Techno-Arcana Part as being active for your army, in addition to the currently active one.

  • A Crusade Force cannot start with any customised MACROCARID EXPLORATOR units - to include one in a Crusade force, you must use the Eccentric Explorator Requisition (below).

    Eccentric Explorator (1 Requisition Point)
    Wherever lost technology can be found, the priesthood of Mars descend like a ravenous flock of red-robed vultures. Sometimes, this ancient wisdom is shared for the good of all, instead of hoarded for the personal scrutiny of a particular machinist cabal. Sometimes.
    Purchase this Requisition when you add a MACROCARID EXPLORATOR unit to your Order of Battle, or when a MACROCARID EXPLORATOR unit in your Crusade force gains a rank. Select an archeotech part you have acquired; that model is customised with that archeotech part, as described in the Explorator Eccentricities rules. Increase its Power Rating accordingly and make a note on its Crusade card, then remove the archeotech part from your Order of Battle. A model can never be customised more than once. You cannot purchase this requisition if doing so would cause your total Power Level to exceed your Crusade force's Supply Limit.

    Automatically Appended Next Post:
    Broadly costed off the Land Raider Excelsior (300); 2 cognis lascannons are worth about 3 of the Excelsior's 4 lascannons (280), and its grav-imploder is worth about half of the Excelsior's grav-cannon (270). It has the same body, but the Excelsior has a 5+ invulnerable save and the Macrocarid can self-repair (260).

    The Macrocarid trades the Excelsior's innate aura buff for the ability to share a TECH-PRIEST's abilities (265), and exchanges the Excelsior's +1 to hit ability for the Augury Web, which lets you block enemy Reinforcements, sneakily contest an objective, and project auras and commands across the battlefield (265).

    Or, to make a more local comparison, it's a Dunerider (95), that's more than twice as tough (195) with bigger guns (215), the Servo-rig (235), and the Augury Web (265).

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