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So I’m reading the Siege of Terra books and I’m in book 5….

My question is the Solar Auxilia are the average human soldier correct? So the conscripts in the books, are they equipped to the standard as the Solar Auxilia? Given the carapace armor and lasrifle? So every conscript is given the good equipment and equipped the same? It sounds like they are. Or are the Solar Auxilia not the entry level soldier and the average volunteer soldier is like a guardsman in 40K I always thought the Solar Auxiliar was the basic volunteer soldier.


Is it like 40K and they (the conscripts) are given the basic lasrifle and flak armor and sent to war?

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The Solar Auxilia are sort of a mix between Naval Armsmen and Scions based on the soldiers of the Saturnine Order who provided much of the early ships of the Great Crusade. They are an elite fighting force with much higher-tech weapons than the average Imperial Army soldier including Void Armour and Volkite weaponry.
The three "tiers", as it were, of the Imperial Army/Imperialis Auxilia consist of:
Elite - Solar Auxilia (20-25% of the total Army fighting forces)
Rank and File trained soldiers - Imperial Army Regiments
Garrison detail/occupation forces - Imperialis Militia (these were usually conscripted from local populations)

30k has rules for Solar Auxilia and Imperialis Militia but the Militia list is noted for its customisation options so a player can run a force ranging from Chaos corrupted cults to heavily armed and armoured Shock Troops.
What we see in the Siege books is all of the above, Solar Auxilia, Imperial Army and conscripted Militia regiments are present on both sides of the conflict.

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Um, not really. Solar Auxilia is elite formation, similar to later Tempestus (except with extra void combat specialization). Imperial Army (the IG equivalent) doesn't even get mass carapace, never mind actual militias, PDF, and conscripts. These can be given equipment even worse than 40K conscripts in HH games.
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Ah ok I was under the impression that the Solar Auxilia were the everyday guardsman/soldier.

So in the 30k universe, the majority of the guard/soldiers are your standard issued flak dudes?

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Warning From Magnus? Not Listening!

Pretty much yes.
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usmcmidn wrote:
Ah ok I was under the impression that the Solar Auxilia were the everyday guardsman/soldier.

So in the 30k universe, the majority of the guard/soldiers are your standard issued flak dudes?

Check out the covers for Mortis or the Lost and the Damned. That's what an average (such as an average can exist in the 30k Imperial Army) guardsman looks like

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

The array of normal human forces in 30k is actually, ironically, much greater than the array in 40k (for a game that others tout as exclusively about space marines, this factoid is hilarious).

In terms of rules, it's already been covered - they offer planetary militias of varying quality (from power-armored gene-augmented warriors suspiciously like Space Marines to ruthless penal states that throw literally unarmed men into combat with nothing in huge waves).

In terms of lore, the Solar Auxilia are the elite humans - somewhat like the Militarum Tempestus in 40k, though much vaster and possessing of their own equipment from tanks and artillery to orbital bombers (which MT do not have in the slightest).

The Imperial Army are the majority of the trained troopers as already noted in the thread, and whilst their equipment is not as good as the Solar Auxilia's, they still have access to better equipment than in 40k thanks to the technology gap.

Lastly, the Imperial Militia, which can vary from being better equipped than the Solar Auxilia to not being equipped at all, depending on the wealth and whims of their source world.
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