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Fimirach Warriors (Elites, Power Rating 5)
Weaker and smaller by far than their lumbering Fomoroid cousins, the Fimirach stalk the shimmering swamps and actinic mountain peaks of Sortiarius. Bitter and obsessive, these cycloptic demi-daemons were born from the cracked mind of the Crimson King, figments of every scrap of knowledge he could never acquire. This unknowable lore is etched into the pulsing baleglyphs that mark each Fimirach's maul, crushing minds as easily as bones. When the Fimirach emerge from their dens to raid a Tzaangor tribe or answer the call of a sorcerous master, they do so shrouded in mists of evaporated sanity and condensed ignorance.
2-8 Fimirach Warrior: M 6”; WS 3+; BS 5+; S 5; T 5; W 4; A 3; Ld 6; Sv 4+
0-1 Fimirach Noble: M 6”; WS 3+; BS 5+; S 5; T 5; W 4; A 5; Ld 8; Sv 4+
If this unit includes between 4 and 6 models, it has Power Rating 10. If this unit includes 7 or more models, it has Power Rating 15. Every model is equipped with: baleglyph maul.

  • Baleglyph maul: Range Melee; Type Melee; Strength +2; AP -1; Damage 3; Abilities: Each time an attack is made with this weapon, an unmodified wound roll of 6 inflicts 3 mortal wounds on the target and the attack sequence ends. No more than one model can be destroyed as a result of these mortal wounds (any excess damage is lost).

  • Abilities
  • Teleport Strike: See Codex: Thousand Sons (pg. 70).
  • Daemonic: Models in this unit have a 5+ invulnerable save.
  • Infernal Regeneration: In your Command phase, one model in this unit regains 1 lost wound.
  • Mists of Madness: Each time a ranged attack is made against this unit, an unmodified hit roll of 6 automatically fails.

  • Keywords

  • Points Costs
  • Fimirach Warrior: 33 points
  • Fimirach Noble: 38 points

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