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Soviet Kanukistan

I'm thinking about buying a squad of these sexy (?) ladies... anyone have any suggestions on how they fare?  They seem too fragile and weak for the points cost. 

My main caster is the Coven, so Ocultation (the spell of a 1000 uses) would work well on them, keeping them from getting shot with direct fire weapons...  I'm not sure about damage potential though.  While they'd rape most Cygnarian or Menite infantry, they're going to have trouble with shield walled troops esp IFP and MOWs.

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Regular Dakkanaut

I couldn't ever really see myself using them. They are expensive. They have 2 weak melee attacks that really only shine on a crit for the KD. They are weak enough that they need to use combined melee attacks against most jacks, but thier feedback ability only hits the caster for 1 point of damage regardless of how many added in.They are living so you're stuck with command checks. The leader is only an 8 . Teaming them with occulation seems like a good play until you get faced with the template weapon armies. Which in my area seems to be the norm. So they still are succeptible to ranged attacks and with arm 12, they won't last too long.

For a couple of points more, you can get bane thralls, which are a little tougher and can deal out damage without having to resort to tricks.

Now, this all may change once the epic skarre comes out, but right now, the other cryx nfantry are much superior, IMHO.

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Fresh-Faced New User

I'm painting mine up and I have high hopes. I plan to keep them near the caster to take advantage of his command, which means I'll probably use them with Skarre (cool with her anyhow just for flavor) or the lich because they're the more hand to hand casters. Your right, I think you have to screen them somehow or shooty armies will tear them up. I was thinking the Alchemist myself. On the plus side two attacks is big and so is knockdown. I'm with DarkTemplar, I don't think the feedback is going to work that well with the weapons being so weak, although if you got them in with another cryx players light jacks it would work pretty well. Tough to make a case for them instead of Bane thralls I'll admit. They are hot goth, pirate girls - that beats the heck out assorted zombie/skeleton units for sheer coolness any day.

I haven't actually put them to the test yet, but if they exceed the generally low expectations that seem to be the consensus I'll post some tested tactics.
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