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Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

Space Sharks, using SW codex


HQ. 355pts

1 "Sharkpriest", sm bike, power weapon, iron shark amulet 130pts
1 "Shark battle leader", sm bike, frostaxe 115pts
1 "Shark battle leader", sm bike, power weapon 110pts

Elites 260pts

1 Iron Priest, sm bike, arty armor, thunder hammer 120pts
1 "Shark Guard", lightning claws, mark of the Sharken! 60pts
4 "Shark Scouts", melta gun, meltabombs 80pts

Troops 533pts

6 Grey Hunters, meltagun, pfist 127pts
1 Drop Pod 30pts

10 Blood Jaws, pfist, flamer 158pts
1 Drop Pod 30pts

10 Blood Jaws, pfist, flamer 158pts
1 Drop Pod 30pts

Fast Attack 365pts

1 Land Speeder, multimelta, heavy flamer 75pts
2 Attack Bikes, multimelta 130pts
2 Tornados, assault cannon, heavy bolter 160pts

Heavy 215pts

1 Whirlwind 85pts
1 Predator annihilator, lascannon, heavy bolter 130pts


this comes to 1718pts, have 32 mor points to make it 1750pts. Maybe add some stormshields for the ICs that need any.

The idea is to use the 4 bike mounted ICs to turboboost where needed to soften up units before the pods land. Of course the Iron priest as he has arty armor by default gets a nice 2+ invo and will lead the attack, in effect protecting the other 3 as he will be the nearest target. The mark of the wulfen guy just has to follow on foot as he wont ever be the nearest target with that many turboboosting IC bikers and pods landing thereafter.

The rest of the army is 2 tanks (pred and whirlie) to hide in own deployment. Some podders to blast tanks or troops and above all score objectives hiding behind pods if need be! Some fast or sneaky specialists like attbikes, scouts and speeders to help catch anything that escapes my 5 kamikaze ICs...


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