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US painting classes by Jeremie Bonamant

As you may know in the past year and a half Jeremie Bonamant Teboul has been offering painting classes to mini painters around France, and more recently in Belgium and Canada. These three-day Classes offer mini students the chance to learn from one of the best French painters of the moment and to improve on their technique. His recent experience in Canada coupled with the desire to make these stages available to English speakers have given Jeremie the desire to have 6 of these classes in the United States and Canada next summer (mid july to mid august most probably)

From a purely logistical point of vu this seems entirely doable, so what we need to know now is how many people would be interested. To make this work we would need 12-14 students. So what I?m asking is for all people who would be potentially interested to send me an email at paintinglessons@yahoo.com with their full name and the cities in which they could attend the class (Possible cities listed down below). I will detail the information concerning these classes below, since we are still in a planning phase changes can be made, so do not hesitate to make comments or suggestions.

As stated above the classes are done in three days, time in which you should be able to finish your mini. A normal day would be 8 hours of class, even though most classes tend to have longer days if people feel like talking a bit and paint some more. So each day amounts to 8-10 hours of class. Every important subject is addressed during the three days: color theory, correctly applying highlights, painting good metals, diluting, ect. There is no set level to have to attend these classes; all painters can profit from them, the most skilled (Vincent Hudon improved a lot during his stage and won a Deamon with a mini done during the stage) or the least skilled (I learned quit a lot: P). And apart from the actual classes, these stage come with a lot of goodies, even more so for the US ones since several new ideas are being though up. Possible extras would include: a special class mini sculpted for the classes (limited to those persons who participate), special previews, mini displays, and maybe some more?

In regards to language There should be no problems, Jeremie has some Knowledge of English and I will be there at all times to translate. So appart from a good dose of french accent you have nothing to worry about.

The classes will cost around 150 $ per person, price which includes the mini. The exact price isn?t yet known because some details still have to be worked out. But it is Jeremie?s wish to make these classes available to as many people as possible, so the price will be bought down as much as possible. In that regard any offer to house us will be welcome as it brings down the price of the trip and thus of the stages. Passing this note around as much as you can would also be a welcomed help since full classes would mean lower price for everybody.


Possible cities
New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles

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I'd try inserting a few paragraphs mate....
Its VERY hard to follow like that.
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Didn't realise I had to do the PHP myself.

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Alpharetta, GA

Could you post some links to Jeremie's work for those of us who have not seen it? Seeing some finished products may motivate more people to join the class. Thanks.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


Jeremie has a website...


If he came to Baltimore or DC, I'd pony up for the class.

Looking for old Space Wolves upgrade sprues. 
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Fresh-Faced New User

You can also have a look at his new site, it is still officialy in constructtion but you should find quit a lot already completed on there : http://www.jeremie-bonamant.com/
And coolmini is also a good place to look: http://www.coolminiornot.com/artist/bragon...erby/Descending

As for concerned cities, I chose the cities that looke the most likely to turn up 12 painters. But if you feel that you can gather 12 intereste painters in an other city please do contact me and I'll consider the option. And please don't hesitate to post the initial message on other forums or game stores, the more people know about it the better Cheers.

Made in fr
Fresh-Faced New User

Hey there, small word to say that Seattle has been added to the list of possible cities.
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