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Last mistake of sergeant Joe by Nakatan
Paintjob: 9.94Coolness: 9.88
Views: 19999Votes: 1291
Paintjob: 9.83Coolness: 9.95
Views: 11726Votes: 270
Diorama Blood Angel versus Dark Eldars by ivankaiser
Paintjob: 9.81Coolness: 9.96
Views: 8691Votes: 135
Dark streets of Commorragh by Nakatan
Paintjob: 9.92Coolness: 9.82
Views: 16423Votes: 742
Road to the Arena
Paintjob: 9.87Coolness: 9.87
Views: 21848Votes: 477
Paintjob: 9.86Coolness: 9.73
Views: 2297Votes: 28
Paintjob: 9.83Coolness: 9.75
Views: 1717Votes: 15
Paintjob: 9.84Coolness: 9.74
Views: 4857Votes: 87
Paintjob: 9.95Coolness: 9.55
Views: 3873Votes: 28
Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters
Paintjob: 9.82Coolness: 9.67
Views: 6386Votes: 75
Dark Eldar Raider by liketoshop247
Paintjob: 9.72Coolness: 9.75
Views: 17085Votes: 209
Chronos Pain Engine by HiveFleet
Paintjob: 9.57Coolness: 9.86
Views: 2478Votes: 9
Kabal of the Drowned Gardens: 3099pts by Mechanicum Jon
Paintjob: 9.52Coolness: 9.88
Views: 7907Votes: 32
Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters Incubi Harlequins p by MaybugM
Paintjob: 9.67Coolness: 9.67
Views: 2824Votes: 15
Paintjob: 9.56Coolness: 9.78
Views: 1294Votes: 12
Coven of the Pallid Sun by LS270686
Paintjob: 9.35Coolness: 9.94
Views: 2582Votes: 22
...now with context by Tristan228
Paintjob: 9.57Coolness: 9.7
Views: 3086Votes: 29
Dark Eldar Grotesque WIP by HiveFleet
Paintjob: 9.71Coolness: 9.53
Views: 3042Votes: 22
Paintjob: 9.64Coolness: 9.57
Views: 6902Votes: 18
Scourge by Mechanicum Jon
Paintjob: 9.47Coolness: 9.74
Views: 5554Votes: 24
Kabal of the Drowned Gardens: 3099pts by Mechanicum Jon
Paintjob: 9.44Coolness: 9.73
Views: 11520Votes: 61
Grotesque by Mechanicum Jon
Paintjob: 9.5Coolness: 9.67
Views: 1994Votes: 15
Dark Eldar Army by Mechanicum Jon
Paintjob: 9.47Coolness: 9.68
Views: 13961Votes: 43
Razorwing from the Kabal of the Frozen Fang
Paintjob: 9.71Coolness: 9.44
Views: 8933Votes: 52
by Picta Mortis
Paintjob: 9.43Coolness: 9.71
Views: 6530Votes: 35
Dark Eldar Pirate Prince by Picta Mortis
Paintjob: 9.42Coolness: 9.71
Views: 10960Votes: 66
Raider Sail by Mechanicum Jon
Paintjob: 9.59Coolness: 9.53
Views: 5794Votes: 40
Paintjob: 9.38Coolness: 9.75
Views: 3985Votes: 11
Talos by Mechanicum Jon
Paintjob: 9.51Coolness: 9.59
Views: 5810Votes: 52
DEldarViper06 by Mastiff
Paintjob: 9.68Coolness: 9.41
Views: 2996Votes: 28

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