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by littleboyblues
Paintjob: 9.9Coolness: 9.77
Views: 38067Votes: 1091
Paintjob: 9.68Coolness: 9.93
Views: 4038Votes: 56
by littleboyblues
Paintjob: 9.76Coolness: 9.82
Views: 16236Votes: 174
Paintjob: 9.58Coolness: 10
Views: 4273Votes: 39
Paintjob: 9.58Coolness: 10
Views: 4430Votes: 24
Chaos Marine Sketch by Crimson
Paintjob: NewCoolness: New
Views: 657Votes: 2
Paintjob: 9.6Coolness: 9.84
Views: 10159Votes: 63
Paintjob: 9.42Coolness: 10
Views: 3137Votes: 24
customer order
Paintjob: 9.44Coolness: 9.78
Views: 2398Votes: 12
Paintjob: 9.52Coolness: 9.7
Views: 11460Votes: 70
Space Wolf
Paintjob: 9.6Coolness: 9.6
Views: 4464Votes: 13
Paintjob: 9.39Coolness: 9.69
Views: 6528Votes: 46
by littleboyblues
Paintjob: 9.62Coolness: 9.4
Views: 16449Votes: 125
Incpector Sqirdon (2015) (Scale 1:10) (Sculpted by Nadav Igra) by bapfometh
Paintjob: 9.33Coolness: 9.67
Views: 1656Votes: 12
Paintjob: 9.37Coolness: 9.52
Views: 9039Votes: 34
Death by Doug
Paintjob: 9.4Coolness: 9.35
Views: 5629Votes: 26
The End of Light Part 2
Paintjob: 9.17Coolness: 9.5
Views: 5075Votes: 8
40k commission – Lilith and a Space Wolf; alliance of convenience by daedalus-templarius
Paintjob: 9.12Coolness: 9.5
Views: 10604Votes: 20
Paintjob: 8.53Coolness: 10
Views: 2156Votes: 19
by littleboyblues
Paintjob: 9.18Coolness: 9.18
Views: 5874Votes: 22
DARK ANGELs CHAPTER MASTER COVER ART CODEX Characters by RetributionAngel40k
Paintjob: 8.25Coolness: 10
Views: 5552Votes: 16
by littleboyblues
Paintjob: 9.16Coolness: 9
Views: 2483Votes: 24
Paintjob: 8.38Coolness: 9.75
Views: 1831Votes: 11
Paintjob: NewCoolness: New
Views: 288Votes: 3
freehand in progress
Paintjob: 8.55Coolness: 9
Views: 5597Votes: 28
VS concepts, Space Marine by daedalus-templarius
Paintjob: 8.53Coolness: 9
Views: 10273Votes: 24
Dark Angels Razorback/Scout Support APC by Matthew Snelson
Paintjob: NewCoolness: New
Views: 732Votes: 2
The Purge of St.Martez Pt.2 by daedalus-templarius
Paintjob: 8.32Coolness: 9.12
Views: 13933Votes: 52
Front of Land Raider by Doug
Paintjob: 8.58Coolness: 8.75
Views: 4277Votes: 16
Land Raider Crusader by Doug
Paintjob: 8.53Coolness: 8.67
Views: 5176Votes: 19

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