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First Attempt At Free Hand
Lahmian Medium...... Wow!
More Ork Boyz For The Horde!!!!!
My First Paint Job..... Criticise Me Please
Ork Battle Wagon 3rd Ss Panzer Division.
Ork Gargant
Orks...... Me Painting My Orks For 8th Edition
Orkum Millitarum
Orkum Millitarum Updated 12/06/2017 Gorkanaut Complete
Warboss Gruk-wip
Ww2 German Themed Astra Militarum Mortor Team
Ww2 German Themed Commisar
Ww2 German Themed Imperial Guard
Ww2 German Themed Leman Russ
Ww2 Themed Guardsmen