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A Break From Souldrinkers...how About Some Nurgly Goodness.
All 3 Of My Dreds...aobr, Normal, And Venerable
Back With Some More Souldrinkers
Commandeered Storm Raven For My Souldrinker Army
Death Company Dread In Souldrinker Colors....proper!?
Finally...finished One Of My Blight Drones.
First Couple Plague Marines...minor Attempt At Specular Lighting. (pic Heavy)
Freshly Painted Terrain And A Sooper Ez And Awesome Vehicle Wreck Counter.
Fw Greater Daemon Of Nurgle
Got My First Dread Painted
I Just Painted My Miniature Cases. Check'em Out.
More Terrain: Battle-scape
More Terrain: Battle-scape (new) Bastion
My Final Infantry
My First Attempt At Miniature Painting...ever.
My First Shot At Sculpting...
No Greenstuff...pedro Kantor Conversion...ez
Plague Marine Raptors
Sarpedon Conversion Commission By Ron Saikowski
Sarpedon Finished...a Few Photos
Soul Drinker Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought
Souldrinker Assault Marine Sargeant
Souldrinker Drop Pod
Souldrinker Landraider Crusader
Souldrinker Razorbacks
Souldrinker Sternguard Sargeant
Souldrinker...achilles Landraider
Yet Another Souldrinker Vehicle... Landspeeder.