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C&c Needed On My Ig Tanks
C&c On My Terrainpiece Plz
Check Out This Small Piece Of Scenery. 45 Minutes Work
Digital Sculpting Blog All The Way From The Netherlands
First Attemt@ True Scaling
First Ever Conversion Deff Copta To Ork Plane
Hans Posthumus Tau Army P&m Blog
Help On Naming Bits! ( On True Scale Marine)
Kroot Mercenaries (ig)
Malifaux Judge Painted. C&c Welcome
My Attemt At An Imunda/necromunda Gang.
My First Painted Army Tau
My First Painted Tau Battlesuit [ Edit + Other Tau Coming Soon Critize Please]
My First Painted Tau Battlesuit [ Edit + Tau Devilfish Please Comment]
My Kroot Carnivore Squad. [first Painted Mini's And First Gs Experience Ever! Please C&c)
My Tau Fire-warriors [painted Pics]
Need C&c On My Battlesuit Paintscheme
Need C&c On My Painting
Need Feedback On My Tyranid Colour Scheme! C&c Please (with Pics)
Need Help Painting Helmets With Visor
Need Help With My Colorscheme On The Ig
Need Help With My Imperial Commisar (slight Conversion/painted)
Need Help With My Paintscheme(tau)
Need Help With My Stealth-suit Paintscheme(tau)
Paint In Progress; Lukas The Trickster
Painted This Hasslefree Mini's. C&c
Please Comment And Critize My Broadside And Scratchbuild Drone?
Please Critize Me On This Termie From Blackreach
Posthumus P&m Blog [updated 24-10-2010]
Posthumus P&m Blog [updated 25-01-2010] *lots Of Pic's*
Question About Leman Russ Battletank Paintscheme
Showing Some Holiday Wip's (warning Pic-heavy)
Showing Some Of My Renegade Ig
Size Difference In Cadian Plastics And Imperial Guard Vostroyan Snipers
Tau Firewarriors, Need Help?
What Color Scheme Do You Like Best?
What Do You Think Of This Colour Scheme For Kroot? [posting Pic's Soon]
What Do You Think Of This Colour Scheme For Kroot? [update: Finaly Photo's!! C&c Please]