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Adepticon 2016
Apocalypse, 9-18-10
Asura Commissions
Asura's Waaagh!!!
Big Mek Sag
Commission WiPs
Da' Beheada
Da' Meka-fex
Da' Meka-fex Two
Da' Tyrant
Endless Fantasy Tactics
Golden Bathtub Competition
Kingdom Death
Looting A Hammerhead
Marines Chrysemys
Marines Errant (complete)
Marines Errant (wips)
Meka Dread Scratchbuild
Mekboy Junka
Nerdcademy Awards Iii : Sin City
Nerdcademy Awards Iv: No No No Nooooo
Objective: Fuel
Oil Wash Tutorial
Ork Objective Marker
Painting A Fire Hawk
Power Weapon Tutorial
Random Other Stuff
Reapercon 2016
Space Marine Armor Build
The Great Marine Swap
Tigerstripe Camo Experiment
Tloer Contest #3 "fightin' Pit!"
Tloer Contest #4 "for The Title Of Master Shrubber!"
Tutorial: Bamboo For Fun And Profit!
Warhound Commission (wip)
Warhound Titan Commission
Warlord Titan
Warlord Titan -- "Hell's Daughter"