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204th Solar Auxilia Cohort Project
30k, Knights And Chaos
3500pts Of Imperial Guard Armor...........i Mean 3500$$$
3k Battlefleet Gothic, Kicking Off A Campaign For The Pandorax System.
3rd Company White Scars Project
4th Company Da Vets Wip
9/24th Death Korp Of Krieg Navy Engineers Bridger
A Couple Finished Primarchs
Abaddon Vs Angron
Aliatoc Eldar Vampire Raider
Another Crazy Ship
Ax39-1 Houndshark
Biggest Army Showcase.
Blood Axe Warboss
C&c Inquisitor Wanted
Cadian Steel Host
Cadian Steel Host Wip
Captain Jeremiah Gieyus 4th Company Dark Angels
Counter Insurgency Sm Predator
Dark Angels Predator
Death Skull Fighta Bomma Wip
Death Skullz
Eldar Codex Cover Autarch
Eldar Exodites
Emperors Children And Iron Hands Vs Sons Of Horus
Emperors Children Vs Sons Of Horus
Exodites Vs Chaos Space Wolves
Finished Cadian Tornado And Ground Crew
First Camo Valkerie
First Thallax Cohort
First Try At Trollbloods
Gretchin Battle Tank/looted Wagon/gun Wagon (fw)
Hellcat Vanquisher Tank
Hms Medusa
Hms Medusa Keel Has Been Laid (now With Wip Pics, Pic Heavy)
Hms Medusa Security Vessel (until I Name It)
Hms Prince Vostroya
Hms Prince Vostroya (updated Late Night Mar 3rd)
Hms Prince Vostroya (updated)
Hows This Macharius So Far?
Imperial Coast Guard
It Feels Like They Never End Da Wip
M3 Leman Russ
Mantis Warriors And Lib
Mk 86 Imperial Attack Sabre
More C&c Plz Pre Heresy Alpha Legion
More Deathskullz
More Mechanicum
My Dark Angels Apoc Army (wip / Lots Of Pics)
My Dark? Blood? Angels
My Elysians
New Forge World Pieces (pic Heavy) Updated With Better Pics.
New Imperial Vehicles For Me To Finish (pic Heavy)
Not Gonna Pay Gw For Their Regimental Advisors
Phantine Air Corp
Pre Heresy Emperors Children
Pre-heresy Deathwing
Predator Eradicator
Predator Turret Weathering
Predator Vanquisher
Predator Vanquisher (updated Pics)
Predator Vanquisher (updated Pics) Updated Again 1/2010 More Pics
Ragnarok Mkii
Ragnarok Mkii (updated Pics 8-26-10)
Re Doing My Childhood Praetorians
Really Really Need Help With Paint Color On Cadian 6th
Simple Ragnarok Conversion Pt 2
Simple Ragnarok Conversion Pt 3 Completed
Simple Ragnarok Tank Conversions
Snow Troopers
Solar Auxilia Tank Wip
Solar Auxilia Tanks Wip
Some Horus Heresy Fighting
Sons Of Medusa C&c Plz?
Space Marine Colours, What Do U Think?
Stormtrooper C&c
Taros Campaign
The Hms Medusa Work Has Begun Now With Pics
The Jade Viper Astartes
The Predator Eradicator Debate Continues
Tornado Fighter Bomber
Ultramarines Legion Sicaran
Ultramarines Legion Wip
Warhammer Windmill
Warhammer Windmill Updated Pics At The Bottom 9-27-10
White Scar Test Model
Wip Deamon Army And More!
Wip Weathering For Heresy Era
Xm3v1 Leman Russ
Zone Mortalis Wip