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Achlysian Reavers
Armies On Parade 2013
Astra Militarum
Battle Reports
Blood Angels
Chaos Daemons
Chaos Possessed Space Marines
Chaos Space Marines (Nurgle, Tzeentch)
Da Wyld Tigaz
Epic Paladin Knight
Goblins !!!
Golden Demon - Games Day France 2012
Golden Demon - Games Day France 2012 - 40k Squad Entry - Chosen Of Tzeentch
Grey Knights
Night Stalkers - A Dark Angels Successor Chapter
Painting Competitions !
Radio Omid
Scrap Demon - Gamesday France 2010
Skavens WIP
Star Phantoms
Tau & Allies
The Possessed Inquisitor
Traitor Guards
Tutorial (osl)
Various Wips
Yggdrasil's Modelling Sandstorm! [14/01/14 : Kill Team & Apocalypse Battles Pictures !]
Yggdrasil's Modelling Sandstorm! [19/04/15 : Blood Angels, Erh, Wait... Grey Knights ?! ]
Yggdrasil's Modelling Sandstorm! [20/07/15 : Blood Angels And A Long Overdue Traitor Sentinel ! ]