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Aegis Defence Line Communication Tower
Crimson Fist 25th Anniversary Model...finally Done.
Crimson Fist Librarian - Free Hand Banner
Crimson Fists
Custom Grey Knight Apothecary
Dark Angels Belial
Dead Space Marine Objective Marker
Dead Terminator From Space Hulk - With A Twist.....
Evil Sunz Ork Burna Bomber - Whatcha Think???
First Ever Necron
Grey Knight Paladin
Heavily Looted Land Raider Into A Looted Wagon - Orks !
Inquisitor Lord Coteaz With Cyber-bald Eagle
Inquisitor Lord Coteaz's Retinue
Lord Kaldor Draigo Finished In Old School Style Color.
Old School Landspeeder Painted To The Crimson Fist Colour Scheme
Ork Looted Wagon - Evil Sunz From A Land Raider - Pic Heavy
Stripped And Repainted Monolith