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Alternate Custodes Terminators
Cult Mechanicus Stand-ins
Dreadknight With Enclosed Cockpit.
E2b Intercessor Into Suppressor
Heavy Intercessor Conversion Idea
I Finished Painting My Warlord Titan
Kitbash Knight Titan
Legion Of The Golden Primer (massive Custodes Army Starting To Get Painted)
Leviathan Command Tank, Finally Finished.
Leviathan Wip
Manticore/hydra/salamander Conversion
Printing A 40k Scale Imperator Titan, Opinions Please.
Ragnarok Tank Wip
Saturnine Terminator Armor
Scdratch Warhound Titan Wip
Scratch Warlord Titan Update
Spare Bits / Kitbash Warhound Titan
Taurox Alternative Kitbash
Thunderwarrior Firestrike Servo Turrets
Uparmored Dreadknight
Wip Bombard
Wip Custodes Land Raider Kitbash
Wip Imperial Lander/shuttle.
Wip Rogan Dorn Counts-as.