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2 Converted Dkok Basilisks. Pic Heavy
2 Maybe 3 Dioramas Coming Up :d -pics-
30 Minute Projects (pic Heavy)
A Project Underway.
A Simple Idea For The Lotr Gondor Rangers Paint Scheme.
About The Armies On Parade.
Chaos Lord...
Company Hail!
Daemon Prince Of Tzeentch
Death Korps Of Krieg Infantry Squad
Dis Iz Wut Happnz Wen I Runz Out O' Ammo!!!
Does Anyone Have A Showcase Painted Death Company?
Eldar Warhost Assembling For The Armies On Parade
Finecast Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount...
How To Make Predators?
How Was This Guy Converted?
I Have A Question About Diorama Bases...
I'm Going To Start A New Nurgle Army...
I'm Planning To Start An Eldar Army...
Im Planning A Dark Eldar Vs. I Dont Know Diorama So I Would Like To Ask You A Bit Of Questions.
Inquisitor Coteaz Wip
Mossy Results
My Necron Lord With Resurrection Orb And 3 Renegade Sanctioned Psykers...
My Old Baneblade About To Be Renovated
Necron Sphinx...
Necron Sphinx... Finished!
Necron Sphinx... Update!
Need Help Building A Halloween Themed Vampire
Omg A Tau Fire Warrior!!! (pics)
Plague Marine Weapon Idea...
Planning On An Empire Army
Renegade Baneblade (lots Of Pics)
Space Elves And Other Cool Projects
This For A Chaos Marine Lord?
Truescale Marine (wip, Haven't Started Painting Yet)
What Computer Programs People Use Creating ''imaginary'' Maps?