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Astorath The Grim Alternate Color Scheme (finished)
Black Templars Terminator Assault Squad
Blood Angels Chaplain (crystal Brush)
Blood Angels Chaplain, Finished
Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest
Boss Snikrot, Ready To Sneak
Converted Rune Priest Redux
Diretroll Blitzer (crystal Brush)
Finished Black Legion Chaos Terminator Lord
Finished Chaos Warhound
Finished! 54mm Dwarf By Scibor
Finished! Alternative Color Scheme Sanguinary Priest
Finished! Blood Angels Chaplain
Finished! Chaos Warlord Morphus
Finished! Dark Eldar Haemonculus
Finished! Demon Prince Of Nurgle
Finished! Imperial Guard Commissar Lord
Finished! Lelith Hesperax
Finished! Madrak Ironhide
Finished! Modified Vulkan He'stan
Finished! Nmm Lord Kaldor Draigo
Finished! Ork Warboss
Finished! Rackham Uren's Son
Finished! Rackham Zombie
Finished! Rune Priest With Chooser Of The Slain
Finished! Sanguinary Priest
Finished! Sanguinary Priest With Magnetic Options.
Finished! Scrath Built Rune Priest
Finished! Sisters Of Battle Canoness
Finished! Trollbloods Axer
Finished! Trollbloods Janissa Stonetide
Finished! Ultramarines Dreadnought
Finshed! Inquisitor Coteaz
Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal Of The Kriels
Kabalite Warriors
Khorne Lord On Juggernaut
Sanguinary Priest, Finished!
Succubus Sohie (crystal Brush)
The Center Of The Hive Silver At Gamesday Chicago