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++exorcists Wip++
A Dark Angel, Grey Knight And A Black Templar Walk Into A Bar...
Black Templar Stormlord
Black Templar Terminators
Black Templars
Bt Sword Brother
Building The 7th: A Pre-heresy Imperial Fists Army, Now With Custodes!
Building The 7th: A Pre-heresy Imperial Fists Army.
Building The 7th: A Pre-heresy Imperial Fists Army. Updated 5 Jan 2016
Building The 7th: An Attempt At A Pre-heresy Imperial Fists
Chipped Black Armor (need Some Opinions)
Crusade Fleet Gorgon
Dark Angels Wip
Grey Knights
Imperial Fist Captain Wip
Imperial Fists Or Mentor Legion
Mentor Legion (wip)
Mentor Legion By Ec (wip)
My Attempt At Dark Angels.
Operation: Mentor Legion (28 Jan 2014)
Pre-heresy Armor Black Templars
Pre-heresy Armor Black Templars. Updated 12 Aug 2011.
Roboute Guilliman, Primarch Of The Ultramarines (horus Heresy)
Wip Adeptus Custodes
Wip Black Templars
Wip Black Templars. Updated 30 March 2012
Wip Shadow Warriors
Wip Typhon Horus Heresy
Wip Warriors Of Chaos Hero