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2 Guys, 3000+ Painted Models.
A Few Bugs
A Few Good Ogres
A Few Unique Space Wolves
Adeptus Mechanicus Captain Of Awesome
Adeptus Mechanicus General (counts-as Brother Captain Stern)
Ahhh! It's Grotzilla! My Stompa Wip
Arjac Rockfist: The Anvil Of Fenris
Beefcake The Stone Troll (i Finally Found A Use For The Damn Minotaurs)
Bjorn The Ridiculously Old And Fell-handed
Chaos Reaver Of Nurgle
Chapterhouse Storm Raven And Death Company Dreadnaught
Death Mouse
Dread Mob: Footsoldiers Of An Ork Titan Legion (pic Heavy)
Fiend Of Slaanesh Conversion, That Doesn't Look Like A Horse-mosquito-crab
Floating Mountians Of Pandora Terrain
Forge World Bloodthirster
Forge World Greater Daemon Of Slaanesh Wip
Forgeworld (and Ultraforge) Greater Daemons (incredibly Pic Heavy)
Forgeworld Keeper Of Secrets
Freya Firebush, Space Wolves Blood Claw
Golden Demon 2010 (and My Silver)
Help! How To Display My Miniatures?
High Elf Star Dragon (fw Style...)
Hyperion: My Scratch-built Reaver Titan
I Am Khaela Mensha Khaine!! (my Fw Avatar)
Imperial Knights (old School)
Iyanden Wraithlord (with The Kung Fu Grip)
Krasni Snyeg, Space Wolf Terminator (converted From Space Hulk)
Kung Fu Crisis Suit
Lady Gaga: Herald Of Slaanesh (wip)
Lizardmen Don't Like Skaven
Lizardmen Stegadon
Lock Up Your Livestock! Space Wolf Wulfen Scout Is Lurking.... Somewhere... In Your Barnyard...
Lord Voldemort: Because Who Do You Want To Lead Your Vampire Counts, Edward Cullen?
Mad Max Orks
Magnus The Red And Thousand Sons Dreadnought
Mark Of The Beast, My Space Wolf Wulfen
Mega Battle Apocalypse (the Hobbit, Fayetteville Nc)
Mephiston: Lord Of Death (conversion)
My Favorite Space Wolf
My New High Elf Paint Scheme (and New Pics Of The Dragon)
My New Puppy, Lucy (warhound Titan... Not Dog Pics)
My New Stuff (orks And Orcs... Or Well, Goblins) Pic Heavy
My Wife's Birthday Present To Me: Grot Tanks!!
Ork Nobz With Cybork Bodies
Ork Warboss Deebo
Phantom Titan
Queek Headtaker's Fantastically Gorey Sunday!
Ragnar Blackmane And A Couple Other Vlka Fenryka
Reaver Titan Scratch-build (wip)
Revenant Titan W.i.p.
Ride Of The Valkyries (nsfw)
Saint Michael, The Dreadnought
Sly Marbo Guarding A Warhound
Some More Ig Tanks
Space Wolf Peeing On A Fire
Space Wolf Rhinos
Space Wolves, Featuring "guy On A Thunderwolf"
Surprise Suckas! An Invictor Suit
Tau Army
The Girls Of Iyanden
The Greatest Skaven Assassin Ever (pic Heavy)
The Master Of Mankind And Immortal Emperor Of All Humanity (i.e. Counts-as Chapter Master)
The Master Of Mankind And Immortal Emperor Of All Humanity... And Some Other Guys
The Most Warhammer Stuff You Ever Did See
The Single Greatest Threat To Warhammer: Ogres Riding On Bears!!
The Wolf King, Lord Of Fenris, Stone Cold Galactic Pimp: Leman Russ
This Is Halloween (a Sampling Of Vampire Counts Miniatures)
Thunderwolves (que Dramatic Music)
Tretch Craventail: Why So Serious?
Underwater Effects
What I've Been Doing Lately (verminlord, Dragon, Etc...)
Witch Elves
Wolf Guard Terminators
Wood Elves (pic Heavy)
Wraithknight Seeking Cover