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Black Ork Just Better!
Color Help!
Even More Waaaaaaggghhhh!!
Finally Done!!
First Attempt Power Weapon
Fnish My Warboss
Glowing Effect
Good Deal?
Good Or No?
Hey Guys Question
Imperial Fist
More Waaaaaaghhhh!!
My Best Minis So Far...
My Favorite Miniature
My First Models :d.....comments?
My Own Chapter
Nurgle Termies!
Ork Noobs!!
Question About Hq
Sm Vet Wip
Unknonw Mini
Unusual Boyz
Update On Nobz! 2nd
Update On Nobz! 3rd
Update On Sm Semi Heavy Pics!
Update On The Minis!! Comments Please
Very Undecisive About How To Paint
Yay!! New Project