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" I Am The Eight Fold Path !"
" I Am The Eight Fold Path !" Now With Added Truescale Horus Goodness !!!!.
"hurry To Meet Death Before Your Place Is Taken."
54mm Knight Of The Order[luther]
A Grey Knight.
Alpharius ?
Alpharius ? Now With Added Paint !
Amenemhab The Necro Knight . Wip
Ancient Rylanor (contemptor Wip)
Angron The Red Angel.
Armoured Astronaut
B.a Termi Red Plastic/black Wash.
Beakie Techmarine (crimson Fists )
Bloodpact Etogaur Bust
Can You Guess What It Is Yet ?
Chaos Dont Surf!
Cheap Clay Shapers (uk)
Death Cult Assasin
Elysian Close Observation Team.
Eversor On The Hunt .
He's A Bit Grim,,
Help Needed / Suggestions On Models.
Help To Identify Ork Half Track
Hussar Style Imperial Guard Officer
Imperial Guard Special Forces..
Imperial Spec Ops .
Inq28 . The Pale King .
King Maug
Large Scale Mk3/2 Marine Wip
Large..ish Scale Marine.
Legio Cybernetica Wip
Marine For ]|[ Munda Crew.
Mouth Atomizers
Mr Grimes Inq28
Need Female Armatures Help !
Old School Chaos Renagade
One For Meengreenstompa
One For Meengreenstompa {now With Added Ork Hussar !}
Power Armoured Inquisitor Malicus
Power Armoured Inquisitor Malicus Now With Scout Cormac
Random Paints And Commissions.
Random Paints And Commissions. // Inqsimunda Nurgle Warband And Sons Of Horus.
Sedition Wars. Finally Starting On The Box.
Sedition Wars. Finally Starting On The Box. Converted Stain.
Sedition Wars: Carapice Armour
Sedition Wars: Carapice Armour..now With Baby Hurley Drone And Tank
Sedition Wars: Carapice Armour..now With Baby Hurley Drone. .
Sister Of Battle (sculpt)
Sniper, Alpha Legion Asset Wip.
Some Stuff I've Been Chucking Paint At Recently.
Son Of Cthonia Wip
Son Of Cthonia Wip (1st Update)
Space Centurion Is Happy Wip
Technoir Girly
The Prophet Talos The Soul Hunter Wip
True Scale Nathaniel Garro Wip
True Scale Unarmourd Marine Sculpt
Unification Era Thunder Warrior