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Alex's Wip - 30 Sept - Duel Finished Photos + New Ideas
Alex's Wip - Back From Hibernation With More Blood Angels
Alex's Wip - December 26th Ogryn Conversion Finished - Lots Of Photos
Alex's Wip - December 28th More Ogryns On The Way, Sniper Rifle And Bone Ead Wip
Alex's Wip - December, The Time For Random Conversions - Ogre To Ogryn (and A Lot Of Gs)
Alex's Wip - Jan 23rd More Ogryn Progress + Bits Arrive!
Alex´s Adventures In Nmm
Alex´s Adventures In Nmm (10th October Update - Swooping Hawk Exarch Conversion Test Model)
Alex´s Adventures In Nmm (5th October Update)
Blood Angels - Finished Work
Dark Angels
WIP Blood Angels
Wip Random Stuff
Work In Progress - GD2011