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A Blue Sentinel Experiment.
A Mix Of Chaos
A Trio Of Chapters
A Trio Of Wolves
Arjack Rockfist
Base Help Needed...!!!
Blood Angel Terminator
Blood Angels Last Stand Wip.
Blood Angels Master Of The Arsenel
Captain Sicarius Copy
Chaos Lord Colour Choice Help Needed ..!
Chaos Marine
Chaos Terminator Lord..?
Chipped Armour
Commissar Yarrick
Converted Blood Angel Terminator
Daemon Prince
Dark Angel Terminator..
Dark Angels Terminator Heavy Flamer Redesign
Dark Angels Terminators In Different Paint Scheme "pic Heavy"
Dark Eldar Gun Color
Dread Knight 90% Complete
Dreadknight Finished
Dreadknight Osl Dilema...?
Finished Ogryn
Finished Storm Raven
Goliath Shadowsword..!!
Grey Kinght Terminator
Grey Knights Dreadknight Wip
Grey Knights.. In Lava Land
Heavy Flamer Redesign..??
Heavy Flammer Fuel Tank Colour
Imperial Fist Dreadnought Conversion Wip
Khorne Terminator ! Blood For The Blood God
Kit Bash Space Hulk Terminators Possibly..?
Master Of The Arsenal
My First Ever Dreadnought Wip
My First Genestealer
My First Go At Nmm
My Go At A Blood Angel Terminator And A Ultra Marine Terminator
My Logan Grimnar Wip
My Logan Grimnar Wip Opinions Need Please. New Pics Added Advice Needed
My Take On A Young Logan Grimnar
Nmm Gold
Nmm Gold Inquisitor Coteaz
Non Metalic Grey Knight
Ogryn Wip
Opinion Needed To Pink For A Daemon Prince..?
Osl.. Wip Help
Possible Colour For De Scourges..! Opinions
Sanguinary Guard Armour Becomes Imperial Fists Armour.!
Sanguinary Guard Wip.. 99% Complete
Sentinel All Dressed In Blue
Sentinel All Dressed In Blue" New Pics Added"
Shadowsword Super Sizw Wip
Some Imperial Fists
Space Hulk Lightening Claw Terminator Alternative
Space Hulk Terminator
Space Hulk Terminators Mix Wip
Space Hulk Terminators So Far
Space Marine Apothecary..
Storm Raven
Storm Raven Wip
Termi On A Rock..!
Terminator Assault Cannon Alternative..
Thousand Sons Terminator Wip
Thunder Hammer Paint Scheme Help Needed
To Blue For A Space Wolf...??? Opinion Needed
To Light For Dark Angels Green
Ultramarine My First Go
Unamed Wolf Lord
Unknown Name And Weapon Choice...!
Vampire Head..!
Weathering Shadowsword Tanks Track Help
Wet Blended Thunder Hammer
White Scar Marine
Wolf Lord Sword
World Eater Terminator
World Eater Terminator..wip Help Needed
Yarrick Beheads A Ork..!
Yellow Terminators Never Again..!!!!
Yellow..! Such A Tricky Colour To Paint