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- - Xan´s Space (hulk) Odyssey - -
2014 - Imperial Knight
2018 Painting Projects
Aeronautica Imperialis, A Home For The Flyboys.
Carcharodons Display Model, 2018
Flames Of War
Forgeworld Open 2016
Forgeworld Stuff
Gaming, 25 Dec
Gaming, Dec 20
Globadiers For H. Jan 28.
Human Blood Bowl Team
Ig Chimera Remake (modeling Blog-ish)
Ig Sentinels
Imperial Jetbike Concept
Knight Pilots
Krieg 2010
Leman Russ Tanks
Modeling, August 2009
My 40k Knight (wip Blog) - Updated July 16th, Paint Scheme Poll.
My Krieg Posse.
Name This Model! (a Fun Game, Sponsored By Your Local Gbdfl)
Necromunda Terrain
Pilot For =i=munda Mk2
Skaven Globadiers: Green Stuffing My Way To A Better Model.
Tournament, Feb 2010
Wall-e! (or: Xanthos Has Gone Mad This Time)
Warhammerfest 2019
Witch Hunter Inquisitor.
Xan 2010 April
Xan Mar 2010
Xan´s Skaven Army: Dec. 1, Started On A Poisoned Wind Mortar.
Xanthos Does Truescale: Heresy Era Blood Angels
Xan´s =i=munda Campaign: Of Dark Places And Shady Characters
Xan´s Skaven Army: Dec. 1, Started On A Poisoned Wind Mortar.
Xan´s Skaven Army: Jan. 21st, Two Mortars Done.
Xan´s Skaven Army: Nov.14, Update With Pictures Of The Army As It Stands.
Xan´s Transport Land Speeder