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On Winsor 7 Series And Richeson 6228 Brushes
Perils Of The Brush Blog!!
Perils Of The Brush Blog!! Updated 10/23!
Perils' Wip Blog- Tyranid, Nmm Earth Sky Attempt And Gandalf 2-19-11 Pics!!
Potb Ba Land Raider And Eldar Jetbike Conversion- Pics!! 12/17
Potb Blog!!blood Angels And Eldar Update 10/31!
Potb Blog!!blood Angels Terminator Update 11/21!!
Potb Blood Angels Tac Squad Update 11/29!!
Potb Eldar- 2000 Points In 8 Days!!?? Day 3! 1/02!
Potb Eldar- Day 4 Of 8 Day 2000 Pt Challenge! More Pics!! 1/3/11
Tau Fire Warriors led by Ethereal