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30k Salamanders, Breakaway From A Massacre
A 2nd Attempt On Tau, And The Continuation Of The Slamanders!
Abaddons 13th Black Crusade
Alternative Paint For Mortarion Green (clear) ?
Any Custom Sculptors Looking For Work?
Betrayal Of Calth Salamanders Praetor Conversion
Blood Raven
Lelith Hesperax And Kabalite Warrior Of The Obsidian Rose.
Mesa Nid Help
Some Of My Finished/refinished Models
Space Drakes (salamanders)
The "ferro Ignis"- Salamanders Vindicator
The Spartan Rats-skaven- Escalation League
Toxicrene And Hive Tyrant Finished(minus The Bases)
Toxicrene And Hive Tyrant Finished(minus The Bases) Pics Up!
Vulkan 2015 Vs Vulkan 2021
Vulkan, Primarch Of Legion Xviii, The Salamanders