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2 Necron Lords + Some Warriors (more To Come!)
30k Iron Warriors - 5 Tacticals + 1 Tyrant Siege Terminator
3d Designed Grot Tank Turret For Robogear Varan Tank
5 40mm Tech Bases
Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii - Onager Dunecrawler W/icarus Array
Aurora Chapter Custom Chapter Master
Commander Shadowsun And A Lone Tau Fire Warrior
Counts As Huron Blackheart - Alpha Legion
Crashed Aquila Lander
Custom Tau Ethereal
Custom Upscaled Tau Commander Farsight
Custom Upscaled Tau Commander Farsight (update - Now Painted)
Dark Angels Contemptor Dreadnought
Dark Angels Contemptor Dreadnought (new Pic 8/31)
Dark Angels Dread Wip And A Terminator Sarge
Dark Vengeance Termie Conversions
Gemstone Effect - Feedback Needed
Grey Knight Offshoot - The Dread Wardens
Grey Knight Offshoot - The Dread Wardens (added Wip Paint Pic 7/24)
Grey Knights Dreadknight Repose
Homemade Tau Terrain
I Need Your Help - Star Wars Armada Victory Class Star Destroyer
Kasrkin Sniper
Kustom Dakkajet
Looking For Feedback - Wood Mask
More Nihilakh Dynasty Necrons (pics Added 3/10/2015)
My Dark Angels Assault Captain
Necron Destroyer Lord Conversion
Necron Shenanigans
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Conversion
Ork Deff Dread W/ghetto Osl
Ork Warlord Wip
Purple Robed Belisarius Cawl
Quick And Dirty Casting Tutorial/demo
Scratchbuilt Terrain Project
Some Salamander Termies Including Custom Chaplain And A Rhino
Something Different... A Kustom Kodex!
Something Different... X-wing Falcon
Tau 3d Design - Latest Is Tau Themed Aegis Defense Line
Tau 3d Design - Now With Actual 3d Printed Success! (9/21/2013)
Tau 3d Design - Now With New 3d Designed Remora! (12/7/2013)
Tau Drone Turrets/sentry Towers
Tau Fire Warriors Conversions
Tau Fire Warriors Conversions (more Pictures 3/18)
Tau Ghostkeel Counts-as (converted From Iron Man Hulkbuster)
Tau Gue'vesa 3d Design Experiment.
Tau Hunter Cadre
Tau Sunforge+ Vx-8 Crisis Suit
Tau Sunforge+ Vx-8 Crisis Suit (now W/more Pics)
Wheeled Rhino
Wraithknight Conversion With Heavy Wraithcannon Gun Drone For Tau Allies