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50 Assault/ Vangaurd Marine?
Aobr Dread Made Into A Venerable Dread
Aobr Dread Made Into A Venerable Dread/ Gillie Suit Scouts
Grey Knights Or Honor Guard?
Howling Griffons Sterngaurd
Howling Griffons, Fifth Company
Howling Griffon Vindie
Howling Griffon On A Griffon
Iron Clad Dread
Landriader Interior
My Chapter Master/ Marneus If He Was Howling Griffon
Out Of Ammo I Call Him
Shark Mouth Jump Pack(wip)
Shift Lines
Tyranid Warrior Force Work In Progress (heavy Pictured)
Warhound For Under Twentyfive Dollars
Warhound For Under Twentyfive Dollars/ And Thunderhawk
Whats The Best Way To Make A Pole Banner