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"survival" Car's From Antenocitis Workshop - 1 Finished, Rest Wip
6" X 8" City Fight Gamming Table Blog. Wip 31st Jul Update
Another Pedro Kantor Of The Crimson Fists
Another Sodapop - Prefekt Valeria
Another Vindicare Assassin From The Paintbrush Prostitute !
Antenocities - Forward Base
Antenocities- The ?roc? Dropship.
Burn The Heretic, Burn Everyone ! Redemptionist Gang Finished.
Burna Boyz And Trukk
Chaos Space Marine Khorne Lord
Completed Space Hulk Set - Finally!
Da Shokk Attack Gun
Da Shoota Boyz
Deff Koptaz With Buzz Saws - Finally Finished All 9!
Emperor's Champiooon
Epic 40k Ork Army
Epic 40k Steel Legion
Firestorm Armada Terran Fleet
First 4 Boyz For Da New Army !
Flash Gitz
Flash Gitz - Wip
Fw 'eavy Bomma
Fw Big Mek Buzzgob !
Fw Ork Warboss On Bike Blog.
Fw Ork Warboss On Bike.
Help Identifying Models
House Cawdor - The Brothers Of Pie
House Escher - The Iron Maidens
Huron Blackheart Of The Astral Claws
Legio Astoria - Warp Runners
Legio Astorium - Warp Runners - Lucius Pattern Reaver
Lots Of Drybrushing Later............. Super Dungeon Explore Board
Lv-426 - Building Better Worlds...........
Marshal Helbrecht Of The Black Templars
Mega Nobz Squad With Transport.
Name That Model Time!
Necromunda Tables / Industrial Battlefield
Necromunda Terrain
New Camera = Show Off Some Work !
Now For Something Completely Different - Sodapop's Rin Farrah
Ork 'ard Boyz
Ork Battlewagon
Ork Big Trakk With Big Zappa !
Ork Big Trakk With Lobba
Ork Big Trakk With Supa Kannon
Ork Big Trakk With Supa Kannon - Weathering Tutorial - 04:07:10 Update
Ork Big Trakk With Supa Kannon - Weathering Tutorial - 05:07:10 Update
Ork Big Trakk With Supa Kannon - Weathering Tutorial - 07:07:10 Update
Ork Big Trakk With Supa Kannon - Weathering Tutorial - 08:07:10 Update
Ork Big Trakk With Supa Kannon - Weathering Tutorial - 09:07:10 Update - Finished
Ork Big Trakk With Supa Kannon - Weathering Tutorial - 30:06:10 Update
Ork Big Trakk With Supa Kannon - Weathering Tutorial - 31:06:10 Update
Ork Bone Breaka And Gutrippa Tank Conversions
Ork Deff Koptas
Ork Deffdred - Finally Finished!
Ork Flakk Wagon
Ork Kill Blasta Tank
Ork Meks With Kustom Blastas
Pedro Kantor Of The Crimson Fists Finished - Appearing On Ebay Shortly !
Puppetwars War Buggi's
Sergant Antaro Chronus Of The Ultramarines Chapter !
Sodapop's Fiametta - Acolyte Of The Flame
Sodapop's Princess Maya
Sodapop's Relic Knight - Codifier Togan & Cecilia
Sodapop's Relic Knight - One Shot And Fritz
Sodapop's Relic Knight - Prefect Jakob
Sodapop's Relic Knight - Prefect Veronica
Sodapop's Relic Knight - Squal - Star Nebula Corsairs
Sodapop's Relic Knight - Suicide Queen & Rollo
Sodapop's Relic Knights Cerci Speed Circuit Faction.
Sodapop's Very Own Ice Queen - Isabeau Durand
Soviet Grotz - First 10 Of 30 Complete
Start Of A New Army - Da Boyz
Stomping Mob Finished - X3 Kanz And Deff Dread
Stormboyz Squad - Now Finished.................... Finally!!!!! - Go To Pg 2 For Finished Pics.
Stormboyz Squad - Idea Nicked From Dakkadakka
Supa Lifta Droppa Wagon - Waagghh.
Super Dungeon Explore - Full Set
Tankbustaz Squad Complete
Terminator Chaplain - Latest Cash Crisis Model
Terminator Librarian
Thousand Sons - Havoc Squads
Thousand Sons - The Inferno Bolt Project
Thousand Sons Sorcerer Conversion !
Tyranic War Verterans Anyone ?
Ultramarines Chapter Baner - Up For Grabs If You Want It !
Vindicare Assassin
Want Da Boyz To Go Fasta ? You Need Some Zed Kartz.
Winged Hive Tyrant Conversion
X3 Converted Ork Buggies With Rokkit Launchers !
You Ain't Gonna Get 10 Marines In The Back..........
Zombicide Invader - Updated 07/09
Zombicide Invader - Updated 09/09
Zombicide Invader - Updated 10/09
Zombicide Invader Test Schemes