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#1 Som Leviathan Scale And Army Shot
#1 Uncool Tyranids
10 Ba Terminators - Up Close And Personal
1st Infinity Models
Alternate Dc Color Scheme Thoughts? *updated-added Pose Pics
Ba Drop Pod - Missing Something?
Ba Honor Guard
Ba Honor Guard (update-now With More Color-bottom Of Page)
Ba Honor Guard Wip - Highlights?
Ba Librarian With Light Conversion
Ba Termie/honor Guard - Now With Pointy Sticks!
Blight Drone
Bloodknight Ideas - Pics Included
Bob The Impaler
Chaos Terminators W/marine Bases
Chaos Terminators W/marine Bases *added More Pics
Composition Of My Diorama
Dayglow Necrons
Deff Dread
First Attempt At Conversion - Khorne Dreadnought
First Crack At Nurgle (pic Heavy)
First Real Crack At Painting An Ork (95% Done)
Group O' Grots (somewhat Pic Heavy)
Gutrot Spume Wip
Kharne & A Big Ol Pile Of Dead Orcs - !!!warning!!! - There Is Blood!
Kharne - Before & After
Khorne Berzerkers + Finished Dread Base
Khorne Rhino
Krieg/stompa Base
Kustom Koptas - Would Love Some Feedback
Light Or Dark Scheme?
Looking For This Glue...
Lord Of Pestilence
Mr. Grim - First Completed Mini This Year
My First Attempt At Hair Spray Weathering - Could Use Advice
My Lonesome Blood Angel
Necron Overlord And Wraith
Nurgle Rhino
Random Painting - Bad Moon Killa Kan
Raven Guard Army - Test Model
Shading W/ Airbrush 1st Time - Ba
Sons Of Medusa #1
Thoughts On This Blood?
Thousand Sons Theme Dreadnought
Typhus - Test Color Scheme
Typhus - Test Color Scheme * Added New Pics + Finished Base
Up To 4 Blood Angels Woot! Woot!
Very First Squad - Completed
What Color Would Work Best For This Base?
What Color Would Work Best For This Base? *updated W/ Finished Base
What Skin Color Should I Use? - Nurgle Dp (pics Included)
Wip Word Bearers - Basing Issues
Word Bearer - Possessed Champion
Would Like Feedback On Osl + Question