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Abaddon The Despoiler
Adding More To An Allready Huge Csm Army
Another Csm Bike Conversion
Avengers Assemble!
Batman 40k
Burning Of Prospero Ahriman On A Disc Plus 3 Mrk 3 Rubric Marines
Chaos Decimator (csm)
Chaos Demon Prince(ss) Of Slaanesh With Warp Bolted Wip
Chaos Harold Of Slaanesh Or Masque
Chaos Heldrake And More!
Chaos Lady (lord) Conversion
Chaos Land Raider Demon Possession
Chaos Sorceress: Iron Warriors And Slaanesh (conversions)
Converted Tempestor Prime And Ogreyn As For A Friend's Catachan Army
Converting Some Oop Rhinos/predictors In To Bane Wolf And Devil Dog
Count As Huron Blackheart Wip
Csm Custom Drop Pod Conversion + Wip Warsmith
Csm Forgefiend Digimon Conversion
Csm Havocs With 4 Autocannons (wip) Pics.
Csm Mods (man It's Nice To Be Back) Tmnt Shredder And Krang
Csm Rino
Daemon Prince
Daemon Prince Helbrute
Daemonettes As Csm Possessed And More
Daemonettes Of Slaanesh For Csm Army
Dark Eldar Wyches Converted For A Csm Army
Demonette Warptalon Wip
Examples Of A Conversion Chaos Army
Here's A Converted Ork Mega Knob To -ghazghkull-thraka
Homemade Contemptor Dreadnough Luna Wolves
Lucius The Eternal
My Chaos Dreadnought Conversion
My Converted Custom Warband's Huron Blackheart
My Eldar Chaos Sorcerer Wip
My Finished Slaanesh Spider Defiller
My Work In Progress Chaos Dark Apostles
Oop Csm Dreadnought Coversion W.i.p
Oop Dreadnought Conversion
Plague Marine Champion With Powerfist
Scratch Built Typhus
Skull Champion With Custom Khorne Power Fist Wip
Some Of My New Works (csm Army)
Triumvirate Of Chaos
Triumvirate Of Chaos *pic Heavy*
W.i.p. Full Scale Abadon Kit Bash. (abadon/custodian)
W.i.p. Full Scale Abadon Kit Bash. (abadon/custodian) Updated Pic Heavy
Wacky Idea For A Cryptec With A Canopic Cloak Wip
What I Did To The Custodians That Came In My Prospero Box Set Csm Mods
Wip Csm Apocalypse Lord Undivided (khorne Lord Of Skulls)
Wip Csm Drop Pod +wip Warpsmith
Wip Defiler / Brass Scorpion
Working On A Csm Conversion Of A Adeptus Custodes To A......
Working On Necron Conversions Indomitus Box