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Angry Marines Over The Top Librarian "force" Weapons.
Any Examples Of Disguised Alpha Legion Maulerfiends Or Forgefiends?
Beginning Of My White Scars Army.
Big Mek On A Bike.
Bored, Aobr Dread Left Over, Random Junk. Now I Have A Ork Dread.
Broke, Made My Own Shokk Attack Gun.
Couple Of Breachers Pictures.
Couple Of Quick Burna Conversions.
Couple Of White Scars Bikes Im Working On.
Culexus Assassin Conversion.
Custom Kroot Hounds And Stealth Suits.
Da Orkchop Express
Dwarf Warrior Priest/mordheim Warband Member I Am Working On.
Easy Qucik Way To Make Spikes For Your Models Out Of Leftover Sprue
Finally Started Working On Some Tankbustas For My Orks.
Finished My Riptide.
Finished My Stormtalon, White Came Out Pretty Clean.
First Biker Finished For White Scars Army, With New Agrellan Earth Basing.
First Non Ork Conversion, Decent?
Has Anyone (with Or Without Extra Kits) Been Able To Kitbash 2 Gorka/morkanauts With One Kit?
How Can I Improve On My Imperial Fists?
How Do You Get The Rusty Haze Over Bone Effect You See On Many Death Guards Armor?
If I Was Planning On Dipping Imperial Fists, Is Minwax Polyshades Antique Walnut Still Best?
Inquisitor Derpeaz.
Is There Any Method Other Than With An Airbrush For Nuln Oil Over Vehicles Without Blotchy Results?
Kastelan Wip.
Kastellans Finished
Knight Themed Black Templars.
Kosaro Khan For My Army.
Kustom Ghazkull
Looking For Advice On How To Finish My First Weirdboy.
Looking For Advice On How To Make This Tabbard Look Like Canvas/hand Drawn Ink.
Lord Of War Ghazkull.
Made Some Mega Armor Nobs Out Of Left Over Junk.
Magnetized Ghostkeel With Slightly Less Derpy Head Modification.
Magnetized Tau Commander/farsight Conversion.
Mek In Mega Armor Wit Kustom Force Field.
Modified Stormsurge.
My Attempt At The Custom Built Xv-22 Crisis Suit.
My Mostly Finished Admech Army!
Nob Squad With Painboy.
Oi Git! Whoz Dat Dreadnaughtmon?
Ork Dakkajet/warkopta/looted Valkyrie.
Ork Deff-iler Counts As Dread.
Ork Forgeworld Warboss On Bike
Ork Tank Trukk.
Ork Trukk/looted Rhino/junker Trukk/whatever
Product Comparison:: Gw's Agrellan Earth Vs. Golden's Crackle Paste. For Desert Type Base Effects.
Running Out Of Gubbins.
Simple Deffkopta Conversions.
Skrapped Toge'va
Some Orkey Stuff Im Working On.
Some Questions About Painting White, And Sponge Applied Battle Damage.
Starting Black Templar Knights Theme
Taurox To Trukk Conversion.
Test Biker For My White Scars.
Trying Out Color Scheme For New Skitarri Army.
W.i.p. Tech-priest Dominus
White And Red With "grey Ink" Tau.
Wip Centurion Conversion With Furs.
Wip Dunecrawlers.
Wip Mechanicus Knight
Wip White Scars Techmarine On Bike With Conversion Beamer.
Workin On Me Ork Army.