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Attempt At Custom Rpg Character
Attempt At Homemade Dread Missle Launcher
Attempt Have Homemade Dread Missle Launcher
Commander Shin'dal Of The K'tal Jungle Fighters Sept(wip)
Converted White Scars Veteran Sgt
Dark Eldar, Scourges And Incubi
Dark Eldar, Scourges And Incubi Edit, New And Better Pics
Darkstirder And Cadre Fireblade
Empire Master Engineer
First Attempt At Tau(xv25 Stealthsuits)
Homemade Termie Assault Cannon/heavy Flamer
How Is My Free Hand
K'tal Jungle Tau, Vehicle And Infantry.
Mud And Rust On A Predator
My Completed Sternguard Vet Squad
My Finished Vanguard Vets(photo Bomb)
Necron Test Model(gold & Purple)
Need Help For Tau
Space Marine Librarian
Tactical Squad
Tau Commander(wip)
Th/ss Termie Captain(wip)
Th/ss Termie Captain, Finished Painting.
Three Empire Generals(image Bomb)
Which Head Looks The Best?
Wip Custom Broadside
Wip Master Engineer, C & C Needed
Wip White Scar Stormtalon
Xv-89 Jungle Variant Broadside. Aka Cyclops(wip)